As this is a new project we are taking on, we are doing it with extreme caution.
Please bear with us during this trial and error phase. We really want to succeed with this.

Kindly stick to our rules and regulations. Should you fail to do so, you will be banned without getting a refund.
Martz Online is here to provide a good service and help fellow individuals. Let’s all work together.

  1. Martz Online STRICTLY Prohibit the trades of the following items/services:
    No trading in livestock/pets allowed !!!
    No Weapons !!!
    No Drugs, Alchohol, or Tobacco !!!
    No Medical Products !!!
    No Weight-loss Pills or Programs !!!
    No Advice/Services for Medical Conditions !!!
    No Porn
    If you get caught trading with these on Martz Online, you will be banned immediately without a refund.
  2. Payments get made into Martz Online’s account. This is for quality control purposes. We also receive the inquiries and orders and will then deposit the money into your account as soon as it is reflecting in ours. – PLEASE make sure you give us the correct information. – This is mainly so Clients can shop from more than one Shop at a time.
  3. Fees for 2020 is R200pm – These fees are for banking, marketing, and admin fees.
  4. NB: We will not tolerate any form of discrimination against a vendor or client. Should this happen, please contact us immediately.
  5. NB: We will not tolerate any bad/poor customer service. We work hard to get you, clients, from our side. We won’t be put in a bad light because of vendors’ behaviors.
  6. If you make a promise to a client, keep it! To get a client is hard these days, especially with all the competitors. Remember that always, please. These people put food on our tables.
  7. The Customer is ALWAYS right. 🙂 We all know this.
  8. As this is a Trial and Error run, Martz Online won’t be charging any commission, for now, however, we may start that process in 2021 – Not to worry. It really won’t be much. – It is also not definite yet.